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Children of DWPS commemorated the Earth day with great enthusiasm.

World Earth day is celebrated since 1970. It was observed in the United States when people took to the streets to protest against the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill, which killed thousands of aea birds, dolphins,seals and sea lions.
Children of DWPS also commemorated the Earth day with great enthusiasm.
Student of Grade 1 were made aware of the importance of the Earth day. The teacher told children to ola t trees whenever they can. They were asked not to waste water or electricity.
Student of Grade 4 children did an activity with plants leaves.
Student of Grade 5 got an opportunity to visit a nursery. There the children were able to get close to nature. They could see so many plants and creepers which help each other to grow. They also came to know about a special way of growing trees. Which is called "Bonsai trees".The children were very curious to know about this new way of growing big trees on a tray. The outcome was that every child researched for the japanese technique of bonsai trees and wrote beautiful articles on it. On 22 April these children depicted their thoughts and concern for the enviornment on papers with colours.
Student of Grade 6 Participated in note pad making by using waste unused papers to save and conserve our earth
Students of Grade 7 Were encouraged to reuse the waste material available at home.
Student of Grade 8 Students engaged themselves in making carry bags out of waste T shirts. The activity was undertaken to encourage students to reuse the waste materials available at home.
Student of Grade 9 showed their care and concern towards their enviornment by performing dance ans songs. They also made beautiful posters that conveyed powerful messages.




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